Kings and Dynasties of Yunnan

Yunnan the "Land south of the clouds" has a long histoy of independence.

The "Nanzhao" Dynasty got it's name from the "Southern Warlord" the head of the Mengshe Zhao tribe, Xinuluo (653-674), who conquered/united five other tribes to form the Nanzhao kingdom. The T'ang Chinese referred to those in Yunnan as "Niao Man" (southern barbarians) or "He Man" (southern barbarians of the Er River) Partly due to it's isolated geographical location it kept it's autonomy over a period of six hundred years.

Legend has it that the King's lineage traces back to one of Emperors Asokas sons, who was sent as a missionary to Southeast Asia, and that Yunnan was especially blessed by the Boddhisattva Kannon. Several of the Kings listed below renounced their throne to become Buddhists Monks.

Nanzhao Dynasty (653-902)
Xinuluo (653-674)
Laosheng (674-712)
Shengluopi (712-728)
Piluoge (728-748)
Geluofeng (748-779)
Yimouxun (779-808) Established the new capital city of Yangxiemie
Xungequan (808-809)
Quanglongsheng (810-816)
Quanlisheng (816-823)
The monk Li Xian Maishuncame from India (821-824) to Dali where he built the Chongsheng Temple considered the first patriarch of Azhali
in 825 the monk Pulituoke came from India calling himself the holy Acuoye Guanyin from the western Lotus land.
(Quang) Fengyou (824-859)
The monk Zantuojueduo/Shilidaduo (apparently of the Vajrayana) came in ca. 828 (or 839/840) from Mojiatao (Magadha) to Hequin N. Of Dali
Shilong (859-877)
Meng Longshun (877-897) declared Buddhism as the State Religion
Shunhuazhen (897-902)

Dazhanghe Dynasty (902-928)
Zheng Maisi (902-909)
Zheng Renmin (910-926)
Zheng Longdan (927-928)

Datianxing Dynasty (928-929)
Zhao Shanzheng (928-929)

Dayining Dynasty (929-937)
Yang Ganzhen (929-937)

Dali (937-1094)
Duan Siping (937-944)
Duan Siying (945-945)
Duan Siliang (945-951)
Duan Sicong (952-969)
Duan Sushun (969-985)
Duan Suying (985-1009)
Duan Sulian (1010-1022)
Duan Sulong (1022-1026)
Duan Suzhen (1026-1041)
Duan Suxing (1041-1044)
Duan Silian (1044-1075)
Duan Lianyi (1075-1080)
Duan Shouhui (1080-1080)
Duan Zhengming (1081-1094)

Dazhong Dynasty (1094-1095)
Gao Shengtai (1094-1095)

Houli (Dali) Dynasty (1096-1253)
Duan Zhengchun (1096-1108)
Duan Zhengyan (1108-1147)
Duan Zhengxing (1147-1172)
Duan Zhixing (1172-1200)
Duan Zhilian (1200-1205)
Duan Zhixiang (1205-1238)
Duan Xiangxing (1238-1251)
Duan Zhingzhi (1251-1253)

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